One Book That Everyone Should Read

One Book That Everyone Should Read One of the most fascinating books on the planet is also one that sits unused on most people’s bookshelves. It has the power to transform your speech and to make a huge impression on other people around you. It also is the one book that everyone on Earth should […]

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Easiest Ways to Write a Book: Dictate It


Easiest Ways to Write a Book: Dictate It If you want to write your own book and you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, then this has got to be the absolute easiest way to create the content for your book. Using your voice and dictating the content has three great advantages over […]

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List-building Tips from a Fisherman, part 1

LoveToTakePhotos / Pixabay

Business-building Tips from a Fisherman, Part 1 In today’s article, I want to give you some absolutely vital tips for building your list of prospects, customers, readers or clients. Get out the tackle, because we are going fishing…. As we go through this material, I want to be very careful NOT to overwork the fishing […]

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Change lives…using the internet!

Happy, Family

Change lives…using the internet! STOP for a moment… … What do you REALLY have to offer other people? If you are a financial adviser, you can seriously help people to save and invest wisely. If you run a small biz, you can give excellent service to people in your local area. If you want to […]

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